The Ideal Wedding Reception Length — 5 Steps To Find Yours

When planning your wedding reception, one question that each couple will have to answer for themselves is how long the reception will be. While it may seem like this is a fairly straightforward question, the answer is best tailored for your particular plans. Here is how you can come up with just the right length.   1. Start With Non-Negotiable Items. What are the non-negotiable times on your big day? The reception center itself may have a cutoff time or a set package.

3 Ways To Make Your Corporate Event More Fun

Corporate events often get a reputation for being dull and stuffy. However, your corporate event doesn't have to be dull or stuffy; your corporate event can be fun if you plan it correctly. By working with a corporate event entertainment service, you can help take your next corporate event from a dull event to something that is engaging and entertaining for everyone. Idea #1: Add a Virtual Reality Station Virtual reality, despite being around for decades, is still not that accessible.

Why You Should Be Looking For A Full-Service Wedding Venue

There aren't many life events that are more stressful than pulling together a wedding. There are so many details that require such extensive focus, from the food to the décor. One thing you may want to consider to help lighten the load is a full-service wedding venue, as this can help keep things a bit more organized come the big day. Here are a few benefits of one of these types of venues.

Why Rent A Social Event Venue For Your Family's Holiday Reunion

The holidays are a time when family and friends come together, sometimes from all across the country. If this year's holiday gathering will be bigger than most, you might be stressing out about how you are going to fit everyone under one roof. But as it turns out, there may be a better way. Here's why you might want to rent a social event venue or party venue to help your extended family and friends celebrate the holidays in style.

What Questions Should You Ask Before Booking A Live Wedding Band?

Do you need to book a live wedding band? Before you hire wedding entertainment, take a look at the questions you need to ask. When Do You Perform Next? While a mini demo in your home or at the reception venue provides a glimpse into the band's style, it isn't a full show. If a recording or sample show isn't enough, ask when (and where) you can see them perform live.