5 Tips To Encourage Mingling At Your Ballroom Wedding Reception

Ballrooms provide plenty of blank, unobstructed space in which to set up a large wedding. But if not designed well, this same large space could feel intimidating or even isolating for some wedding guests. How can you prevent this and encourage mingling during the reception? Here are five easy planning tips to try.

1. Create Zones

Zones in your wedding reception are spaces specifically set up for different purposes. The most common zones at a reception include the cake table, food buffet, bar or beverage station, photo booth, head table, dance floor, and lounge. Sprinkle these zones around the room — and not just along the walls — to help guests move around as they participate in various reception activities. 

2. Split Up Stations

Another subtle way to get guests moving around is to split up some larger elements into smaller, multiple ones. For instance, rather than have one large buffet area with only one or two lines, create food stations scattered around the room. You can do the same with appetizers, beverages, or even cake alternatives. And try to include different things at different stations. 

3. Use the Right Tables

Did you know that table shape and size affect the way guests interact? Round tables, for instance, generally encourage more conversation than square tables. Similarly, smaller tables — both round and square — allow people to talk more freely. Thinking about the modern trend of family-style tables? The good news is that these can encourage plenty of conversation because many people are close at hand. 

4. Assign Tables Creatively

If you plan to use assigned seating, this is a good opportunity to help people break the ice. Many couples try to pair up guests at tables based on family or friend connections. However, consider grouping people by interest, such as a table of outdoor enthusiasts and a table of bookworms. If you do assign based on unusual factors, make sure the table's guests know what they all have in common. 

5. Create Good Traffic Flow

Don't put up physical obstacles to mingling at the reception. Instead, use traffic paths to get people moving around. This means crossing paths through the various zones rather than just around the outside of the ballroom. Don't overfill the room with tables, either. And make sure your larger decor elements don't cause people to stop or redirect their paths when walking. 

Where to Start

Want more tips for using your ballroom space to get people interacting and enjoying each other's company? Start by touring a wedding ballroom with its experienced staff today. With these tips and their expertise, you'll design a reception that everyone will enjoy and which may result in some new friendships for life. 

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