Considerations for Renting an Event Tent With Sidewalls

While there are benefits to having an event tent that is open on the sides, adding sidewalls can create a private and intimate setting. Virtually all tent rental services offer sidewalls as an add-on product that is compatible with most tents. Sidewalls can offer countless benefits, including providing a barrier against wind, creating privacy, and more. It's important to know that, with the innumerable options available, sidewalls can vary a lot, so it's worthwhile to take your time to assess the available options. A rental agent can help you decide which sidewalls will work best with your tent and for your particular event. Here are three tent sidewall considerations.


While it's technically possible to add sidewalls to just two or three sides of your tent, it's common to have sidewalls on each of the four sides. Provided that you take this approach, you'll need to think about access to the tent. You'll see all sorts of door configurations when you browse tent sidewalls. Some sidewalls have one door along their length, while others have multiple doors. The latter scenario is particularly common if the sidewall is long enough to accommodate a large tent. Think about how often people will be coming and going, and choose a suitable door configuration.


Unless you need an extreme level of privacy for the interior of your tent, it's generally a good idea to choose sidewalls that have windows. They'll help to give the tent's interior more of an open feel to keep your guests from feeling isolated. Windows can vary a lot when you assess different sidewalls. They're available in numerous shapes and sizes, and some even have zippers or domes so that you can open them. The latter feature can especially be useful for an event in the summer, as it can keep the tent's interior from getting too hot.


The functionality that the sidewalls offer is important, but you'll also want to think about the look of this part of your tent. Some people want their sidewalls to be an exact match with the top of their tent—for example, white sidewalls with a white tent. This isn't your only option, however. Some rental companies have sidewalls that are entirely clear, while others have sidewalls that are opaque on the bottom half and clear on the upper half. Learn more about tent sidewalls when you reach out to an event rental business that offers event tent rentals.