Planning to set up a venue for performers can be a challenge, especially if you have never done it before. However, this gives you the opportunity for the performers to showcase their talent. Therefore, you should set up your venue in a manner that will appeal to the audience and make the event to stand out. If you are not experienced in setting up venues for performances, then consider hiring an audiovisual contractor to assist you.

Successful Ideas For Catering A Golf Tournament

If you're a relatively new catering company, one effective way to get your name out into the community is to cater some golf tournaments at local courses. Although golf courses often have their own food services departments, it's common for them to hire catering companies to accommodate tournaments, as these events may have a couple hundred people in attendance. There are several ways that you can wow not only the golf course management team, but also those in attendance, with the goal of raising your profile in the community.

Getting Married? 3 Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Venue

If you are getting married, you will also need a wedding venue. There are many to choose from which can make it difficult. To help you, below are three tips for choosing a wedding venue that will work best for you, your spouse, and the entire family. 1. Choose the Right Size It is best to choose a wedding venue that is large enough to fit everyone that is at your wedding.

Plan A Memorable Anniversary Party For Your Parents

If your parents' wedding anniversary is approaching and you would like to help them celebrate the special day, plan a surprise party with the options below. Customized details that are added to the party plans will ensure that the event is memorable and one that is cherished deeply by your parents. Reserve Space At A Venue That Holds Meaning If your parents have shared information with you about how they met and some of the public venues that they have frequented together since being together, use this information to your advantage so that you can reserve space at a venue that will be meaningful to your loved ones.

Three Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

When imagining your perfect wedding, you may picture you and your spouse-to-be saying "I do" on a romantic tropical island or in a charming country barn, but there are several things to consider before turning your dream into reality.  The number one thing to take into consideration when planning your dream wedding is your budget, but there are several other things that can make or break a specific location or venue as well.