Portable Toilet Rental Features Ideal for Sporting Events

Outdoor sporting events include a lot of excitement and action, but unfortunately, those events are not often held near bathroom areas. As you plan a sporting event like a tournament or large gathering, then you could supply guests with a portable toilet rental. Besides just a basic toilet, you could offer portable rental trailers that include multiple options.

The following features offer options for both athletes and spectators who will spend a lot of their day at the field. Often, you can rent a portable bathroom to cover the whole season of play so you don't have to worry about any bathroom issues.

Hot Water Tank

After a game, players may have dirt, grime, and stains on their hands. The grass and dirt stains could occur in a wide range of sports like soccer and baseball. Players may also make a lot of physical contact with other players. One of the best ways to clean germs and dirt off is with hot water.

You can rent portable bathrooms that include hot water tanks. After a game, players can wash up at a sink with hot water and soap. This will get them clean and ready for any following games or if they decide to enjoy post-game snacks and food. You do not want the players to eat with dirty hands and possibly spread more germs around.

Built-in Lockers

Some bathroom rental trailers offer toilets and extended open space for players to change out of their uniforms. Instead of lugging around extra bags all day, you have the opportunity to offer built-in lockers for player use. The lockers provide plenty of space for a team to put their items and change after a game.

Players can supply their own locks to the lockers or just leave the items inside. You could place a monitor outside the bathroom area to ensure no one snoops around the lockers. If players want to change after the game and feel refreshed, then the lockers offer the best opportunity.

Shower Stall Options

Consider a portable bathroom rental that includes a separate shower stall. A shower stall will often include a built-in water tank, so the rental has plenty of water to supply quick rinses for players. After a game, a player could rinse off and get clean. Some rentals may include a single shower stall or multiple shower stalls.

The shower stalls typically include separate entrances from the bathrooms so the toilets are not taken up if someone showers.

Browse through all of the portable bathroom rentals to see which options work best for your needs and fit into the sports fields you run.