Considerations For Renting Harvest Tables

Rectangular tables are a fixture at all sorts of events, which means that you can expect any event rental company you visit to have tables of this shape. One particular table that will likely stand out is often called a harvest table. While different companies use this term in slightly different ways, it generally refers to a rectangular table that is notably long. Often, these tables are made of wood, rather than materials such as plastic or metal. A harvest table can be a good addition to all sorts of events, from weddings to family gatherings. If you're planning to rent some of these tables for your event, here are some considerations.


You'll need to consider how many people will be attending your event and sitting down to eat, as this will influence how you approach renting your harvest tables. Your event rental company will likely have these tables in several different lengths. While you might be tempted to rent the longest tables that are available because of their unique nature, it's worth considering the shorter lengths as well. Shorter harvest tables are still quite long, but their decreased length makes them easier to move around than longer tables. You may find that three medium-length harvest tables can be more manageable than two long tables.


Take note of the ends of a few different harvest tables. On some models, the legs will be positioned right at each end of the table. On others, the legs will be set at a considerable distance from the ends. The latter style can be advantageous because it may allow you to have someone sit at the end of each table. After all, the table's legs won't be in the way. Having someone sit at the end of the table can be a good way to recognize them as this spot has a prominent look to it. If this idea appeals to you, ensure that you rent the right tables.

Match With Seats

A lot of people don't use table covers with their harvest tables because they want the stylish wooden look of these tables to be visible. Without table covers, it's especially important to choose seating that is a good match. While a lot of people use wooden chairs with their rented harvest tables, another option is to use wooden benches. This type of seating helps to create a casual vibe, which may be ideal for your event. Before you choose your harvest tables to rent, it's a good idea to assess what seating options are available. Whether you choose chairs or benches, you want them to match the harvest tables and be an appropriate height. To learn more information about table rentals, reach out to companies such as C & N Party Rental.