Hosting A Hybrid Corporate Live Event

Hybrid events have gained a lot of popularity in recent years for corporate events because they can allow the organizer to cater to those that are wanting to attend in person as well as those that would prefer to attend virtually. Not surprisingly, these events can be more complicated to set up, and planners may want to work with professionals that have direct experience working on hybrid corporate live events due to the assistance and service that they can provide.

Addressing The More Extensive Audio And Visual Needs

A major need that will have to be addressed when planning for a hybrid event is ensuring that the audio and visual needs of those attending the event in person and virtually are being met. This will require careful positioning of cameras and microphones so that a full picture of what is occurring can be broadcast to those watching at home.

In addition to assessing the venue to determine where to position these components, the event organizer should also discuss the schedule so the technician will be aware of the various areas of the stage and facility that they will need to be able to capture video and audio from.

Ensuring There Is Sufficient Bandwidth For The Signal

Broadcasting the audio and video signal over the internet will require a stable and powerful broadband connection. If this connection is not sufficient for the video, then the quality of the feed may be severely degraded, which can lessen the experience of those watching virtually.

Additionally, interruptions in the connection can lead to the feed of the event being completely dropped for long periods of time. Establishing a strong and secure internet connection may require special equipment that can avoid the risk of being overloaded by the large number of phones or other devices in the area that may be using the limited bandwidth available. Not surprisingly, many hybrid live event producers may utilize private satellite internet connections when a dedicated connection is not available at the facility that is hosting the event.

Quickly Responding To Problems And Challenges That Arise

Despite ample planning, there is a high likelihood that there will be mistakes or other errors that occur during the course of the event. Being able to quickly respond to these incidents can be necessary for reducing the impacts that they have on the viewing experience of those attending virtually.

Having a hybrid corporate live events technician on-site during the event can allow the connection and feed to be closely monitored for errors. In the event that network instability or other problems are detected, these professionals may be able to take steps to quickly correct the issue.

Contact a hybrid event design service, such as AVEX, for more information.