Narrowing Down Your Garden Venue Choices For Your Dream Wedding

Holding a wedding outdoors in the sunshine, a breeze flowing gently among leaves and flowers, is an idyllic image. But making that image does take some work, including finding the right venue where you can hold a successful event. That means taking a look at how the venue would handle bad weather, and whether you can fit all your intended guests into the spot. 

Be Mindful of the Maximum Guest Numbers

An outdoor venue does not mean an unlimited venue. You will have a maximum number of guests you can invite no matter where you hold the wedding. Be mindful of these limits and try to take into account guests who show up with unexpected plus-ones or children. It usually works out, of course, but it's best to find a venue where the maximum number of people is above what you're planning to invite.

The Weather and Bugs Will Always Be Questions

The weather and the number of bugs will always be issues for any outdoor wedding. The bugs may be easier to deal with as many venues hire pest control companies to regularly treat their grounds for common local pests like mosquitoes. The weather, however, isn't something you can really control. Instead, ask what happens if it rains on the day of the wedding; chances are the venue has tents they can put up or a banquet room that you can move the wedding into. If the wedding will be in summer when it's supposed to be hot, ensure you have a tent over the space to protect the wedding party and guests from sunburn and heat illness.

What About the Ground?

You're going to have people in footwear such as high heels and sandals if this is a warm-weather outdoor wedding. What will people be walking on during the ceremony and the reception? If the wedding is outdoors, you'll find some event venues where a portable floor is set up, and there should be some concrete walkways in the area, too. Yet many of these venues don't cover up the ground, so people will walk on lawns, dirt, and sand.

People in high heels won't necessarily have issues walking on dirt, but if the soil is soft, they might. Always see the exact locations where weddings and receptions are held at the venue. If the venue does not provide portable flooring outdoors, let your guests know in the wedding invitation that the wedding will be held outdoors where people may walk on a lawn rather than hard flooring, and they should keep that in mind when choosing their footwear. And be sure the wedding party will not have issues, either.

An outdoor wedding in a garden venue, surrounded by green plants and bright flowers, is a lovely choice of location. Make the most of it by ensuring you find the right venue for the wedding you are planning.

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