Recommendations For Arranging Christmas Party Catering Service

Christmas and the holidays are here and with them come parties and events in which you may want to provide food for many guests. A catering service is a perfect option for doing so, as it puts the details in hands of the experts and it alleviates the stress of having to organize or prepare the food. Here are some recommendations to help you out in your search for the right Christmas catering company to hire for your event.

Ask About Available Services

When you are looking for good Christmas catering services to handle your Christmas parties, there may be specific food items or services you want to make sure are included. This can include the event set-up with tables, chairs, table linens, dishes, along with food and drinks. Find out if the catering event staff will set up before and clean up after to provide full service. 

Then, what types of menu items can you choose from? If you need gluten-free options or vegetarian plates, make sure you check into specialty food needs for your guests.

Check For Catering License

When you are looking for a catering service to handle your Christmas event, don't forget to check into some of the smaller technical details, such as the catering license. Ask to make sure the catering service is licensed with the state in which they are based. When they have a business license, it means that they follow the regulations set for by the health department.

If you want to provide alcohol at your Christmas party, a catering license should also include a liquor license so they can supply and serve the alcohol for you. When a catering business is licensed, they will also carry liability insurance, which is important to cover their liability and any damages that result from activities at the catering service event.

Reserve the Date

When you are planning to cater your event during the holidays, you need to understand that the month of December can quickly become filled with the high demand for catering services. For this reason, it is a good idea to schedule your Christmas party well in advance so you can be sure to get the right date scheduled for your guests. 

You may need to schedule the event as early as June or July, but this will ensure you get the right date reserved, especially if it is on the weekend. If you are scheduling a work Christmas party during business hours, you will have more flexibility in scheduling a catering service, but be sure to make the reservations at least a couple months in advance. However, if you find that your date is already taken, look at available times one or two weeks before your preferred date to help you find a scheduled time that works.