When You're Asked To Host A Baby Shower (But Really Don't Want To)

What would your reaction be if a friend or family member asked you to host their baby shower? You might be overjoyed and consider it a privilege to be asked. However, you also might secretly wish they'd asked someone else. Short of saying no (along with an appropriate, diplomatic excuse), what's the best way to host a memorable baby shower for the mom-to-be when you're not as enthusiastic as you could be?

Hosting at a Private Home

Hosting a baby shower can mean that you host the function at your home, or even handle hosting duties at the expectant mother's home. However, both of these options require a great deal of preparation. You might not necessarily want to have it at your own home, and even when another home is used, as host you must put in significant effort to get everything ready, along with cleaning up afterwards. 

Hosting at an Event Venue

Find a local indoor event venue that will be the physical location for the baby shower. This means the venue isn't dependent on the weather, and a venue intended for private functions is preferable to a restaurant, since you can play party games and generally be as loud as you want without disturbing anyone else. 

All-Inclusive Means Less Work

Your best bet is to find a venue that offers all-inclusive services. This means that there should be a catering service (or just an onsite kitchen), along with a bar and a sound system. All you really need to do is arrange a few activities (party games), as well as any required equipment and prizes you'll need. Technically you're outsourcing a lot of the work, but this doesn't lead to an inferior event. Often, the opposite is true.

Guest List and RSVP

Once you have a guest list from your friend or family member, you just have to send out the invitations, clearly indicating the venue, and request an RSVP via email by a certain date. Remember to ask the expectant mother if they have a baby shower gift registry anywhere so this information can be included on the invitations.

Logically, hiring an event space is going to cost more than hosting the baby shower in a private residence. But at the same time, it allows you to give your friend or family member a top-quality, memorable baby shower, even when you secretly wish that the honor had been given to someone else.