Successful Ideas For Catering A Golf Tournament

If you're a relatively new catering company, one effective way to get your name out into the community is to cater some golf tournaments at local courses. Although golf courses often have their own food services departments, it's common for them to hire catering companies to accommodate tournaments, as these events may have a couple hundred people in attendance. There are several ways that you can wow not only the golf course management team, but also those in attendance, with the goal of raising your profile in the community. Here are some ideas to make this catering experience a success.

Pack Up Memorable Bag Lunches

Bag lunches are a common fixture at golf tournaments, as players can pick up their lunches to eat out on the course. Generally, these lunches are simple — perhaps a sandwich, a bag of chips, a piece of fruit, and a soft drink. Although you're partially limited by the fact that the golfers need to be able to eat with ease on the go, get creative to put together bag lunches that everyone will remember. For example, consider wraps instead of sandwiches, as they tend to stay together better while eating. You can offer a variety of wrap types to the golfers.

Provide Dinner With A Wow Factor

After a day on the golf course, tournament participants will commonly return late in the afternoon for a catered dinner. This is another opportunity for you to impress everyone in attendance. Instead of going with traditional catered fare, look for something that provides a wow factor. For example, a barbecued whole pig alongside a variety of barbecue sides — coleslaw, mac and cheese, corn bread, and more — can have the golfers' mouths watering and make them happy that you're the tournament's caterer. Or, have make-your-own tacos with a wide variety of toppings set up across several tables to allow people to build their meals with ease.

Don't Forget Healthy Items

You need to remember that many golfers are healthy individuals, and use this sport as well as a healthy diet to stay in shape. You don't want to offer items that leave this demographic on the sidelines. Invest in coming up with some healthy ideas that are also memorable. Don't just provide veggie sticks in the lunches and garden salads with dinner; while these items are fine, they won't exactly make your catering job seem very memorable. There are several different ways that you can make healthy ingredients a part of what you offer.

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