Getting Married? 3 Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Venue

If you are getting married, you will also need a wedding venue. There are many to choose from which can make it difficult. To help you, below are three tips for choosing a wedding venue that will work best for you, your spouse, and the entire family.

1. Choose the Right Size

It is best to choose a wedding venue that is large enough to fit everyone that is at your wedding. You also never know if some of your guests will bring other people with them, so you could have more people at your wedding than you invited. Not everyone may attend the reception, but you do not want a venue that is too small.

There are some venues that will have an outside area along with an inside. This way if the inside becomes too small guests can go outside.

2. Choose a Venue That Goes with Your Wedding Style

Consider the type of wedding you are having before choosing a venue. For example, if you have a modern wedding, places like upscale restaurant spaces, art galleries, and more would be great places to have the reception.

If your wedding style is more relaxed, choosing an outdoor venue would work well. You could choose a large backyard, a local park, or a ranch in the area.

If you choose an outdoor venue, you need to have a backup plan. For example, have buses ready to take guests to a nearby hotel to have the reception if the weather gets very bad. You would have to preplan this with the hotel also.

3. Consider What Is Included with the Venue

There are venues that will include everything you need for your reception. Other venues allow you to bring your own décor and vendors. If you want a full-service venue, they should provide things like tables, linens, chairs, and decor. If they do not you can find rental companies that will rent these things to you, so you do not have to purchase them. Compare the price between a full-service venue to renting the items to see what is less expensive for you.

Some full-service venues also offer catering services, or you can hire the caterer on your own. Just as with the rental items above, consider the price difference between using their caterer or hiring one of your own.

If you need help contact a wedding planner like Rainbow Gardens. They can also help you with your wedding if needed.