Plan A Memorable Anniversary Party For Your Parents

If your parents' wedding anniversary is approaching and you would like to help them celebrate the special day, plan a surprise party with the options below. Customized details that are added to the party plans will ensure that the event is memorable and one that is cherished deeply by your parents.

Reserve Space At A Venue That Holds Meaning

If your parents have shared information with you about how they met and some of the public venues that they have frequented together since being together, use this information to your advantage so that you can reserve space at a venue that will be meaningful to your loved ones.

Consider reserving a room at a restaurant or similar establishment that provides a catering service and write a list of food and beverage options that you are confident that your parents will enjoy so that you can provide the caterer with the details well in advance of the anniversary party. Be sure to sample foods and beverages if they are offered to you during your meeting with the caterer so that you can fine-tune the menu prior to the menu. 

Use Custom Decorations

Think about some of the activities that your parents enjoy participating in with one another and try to incorporate them when planning how you will decorate the space that is being used for the anniversary party. For example, if your parents enjoy gardening, create centerpieces that contain some of their favorite flower or fruit varieties.

If your parents are avid animal lovers, choose a photograph from their personal collection that includes a family pet or animal that they encountered during their travels and take the picture to a photography studio to have it enlarged. Place the enlarged photo in a custom frame and display the framed photo on a table that is located in the central part of the room where the anniversary party is going to take place.

Hire A Disc Jockey And Set Up An Area For Dancing

If you would like to offer your parents and the guests you invite with the opportunity to enjoy listening to music and dancing during the party, hire a local disc jockey and request that they play some of your parents' favorite songs from the past.

If you have trouble coming up with a long list of songs or if you are unsure of some of the songs that you are considering, request that the disc jockey plays a wide selection of music from specific years instead.

Set up a private dance area in the corner of the rental room and use soft, subtle lighting to provide the dance area with an intimate aura. When it is time for the disc jockey to begin playing music, ask the disc jockey to announce your parents' names so that they can share the first dance together as attendees watch from where they are seated or standing. 

For more information on finding reception venues, contact your local event planner.