How To Make Team Building Exercises Competitive With Escape Room

The perfect scenario is to have a good and effective work environment. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. You have a bunch of people with different personalities working in the same office. It is common for some personalities not to mesh and to have disagreements. Supervisors must find a way to keep the peace. Read on to find out how to make team building exercise competitive with escape room.

What Is Team Building?

Team building is technique that encourages a group of people to work together effectively as a team. It is carried out using events and activities. These activities are designed to promote cooperation, motivation and morale in the workplace.

The point is to turn a group of individual employees into a cohesive team. The workplace need employees who can work cooperatively and interdependently to meet the needs of their customers.

Why Team Building Is Not Always Effective?

Some team building exercises do not work. You have to engaged your employees and not single out anyone. If not, the activity can become boring, tedious and slow paced. Employees also have to participate in the activity with an open mind instead of worrying about others' intentions.

When planning a team building exercise, it should be about the mindset instead of the process. You want to choose team building exercises that focus on the group as a whole and building trust.

How Escape Room Can Help With Team Building Exercises?

An escape room is an adventure game. Participants have to solve puzzles to open the door. To solve the puzzles, you must use hints, clues and strategy. Participants have 60 minutes to complete the puzzles to unlock the door and win the game.

Escape room is different from other team building exercises because of the competitiveness. This game is high-adrenaline, fast paced and feels like you are participating in one of those adventure reality shows. It is scenario-based and challenges participants to come up with logical and creative ways to escape the room.

To win at escape room, you must collaborate as a team efficiently and effectively. This game puts your employees in a team-oriented, competitive and fun atmosphere.

If you have conflict in your workplace, then you must find a way to resolve the issues. You do not want your work environment to become volatile. Escape room can get your employees communicating. Change starts with knowing how to talk to each other.