3 Timing Tips To Help Select The Perfect Wedding Cake

Organizing a wedding involves combining several different elements into a single event, and knowing when to time your decisions will help reduce your stress and make your event more cohesive. Below area few tips for timing your decisions regarding your wedding cake including when to find your baker, when to place your order, and when to have the cake delivered to your wedding venue. 

Go to Tastings Early 

Early during your planning phase, before you decide on your budget or theme, you should consider going to a few open tastings. Open tastings are often free or low cost events that allow you to sample a baker's main offerings. Although most bakeries can accommodate your visual preferences, the taste of the cake and the fillings available will be limited by the bakery you choose. Going to tastings will give you a chance to narrow down your options and get a price list for potential cakes. It will also let you determine when your baker of choice will need you to place your final order. 

Order the Cake Last 

When it comes to decorations and style, you should order your cake last. This is because your baker will likely be able to match the colors and accents you have chosen for your wedding whereas it can be more difficult to match dresses or decorations to the color on your cake. You may also decide to take inspiration from your venue to decide on your final cake design. Selecting your cake last and bringing in plenty of swatches and samples from aspects of your wedding that you have already chosen can help turn the cake into a centerpiece that brings your overall wedding design together. 

Make Sure You Allow Adequate Set-Up Time At Your Venue 

Each bakery has a different time limit for when you should place your final order. When you do place your order, your bakery will need to know when the cake should be delivered to the venue. Keep in mind that if it is warm, your cake may need to be refrigerated until your reception. If you do not have refrigeration available, you should consider a later delivery. However, if your cake is a complex, multi-tiered confection, you should consider an earlier delivery to make sure that the bakery has plenty of time to set it up before it is needed. 

Your cake is just one aspect of your wedding design. However, timing your cake decisions can lead to a more cohesive design and less stress for you.