Three Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday

It can be hard to come up with a great idea for an adult birthday party. Most things are focused around kids and that leaves adult parties focused around dinners or board games. Instead of settling for the same old birthday, consider getting something that is different and exciting to make your birthday something to remember.

Rent a sumo suit set

One of the most fun things that you can do with other adults is sumo wrestle. Instead of doing it in the traditional Japanese fashion, you can rent suits that you can wear and a sumo ring to wrestle in. It's fun to see your friends in the suits, and it's actually quite challenging to do.

Rent a zorb ball

Zorb balls are hollow inflatable balls that people can get inside and use their legs and arms to roll the ball around. Get a zorb ball and play people soccer. You do this by assigning teams via a schoolyard pick, then you put the birthday person (or someone else) in the ball and trying to maneuver them through makeshift goal posts. This is really fun, but it's incredibly challenging, especially because the person in the ball is on one of the teams.

Alternatively, you can use multiple zorb balls and have races down a hillside. Because of the padding of the balls, you can carom down the hill at an incredible rate and have a blast doing it. If you decide to use the zorb balls for this activity, make sure you do have some protective equipment for your head and elbows to keep you and your friends safe.

Play slip and slide baseball

Use plastic sheeting to make a square over a large area and place bases on the corners of the sheeting. Use dish soap and water to make the surface slick and play baseball or kickball. The slick surface gives you an added challenge and it is a lot of fun to play baseball with the extra degree of difficulty. Because of the slippery surface, it can also be a lot of fun to slide into the bases and get a little messy. The soap and water that are involved in this activity can get you messy, so make sure that you are wearing clothes you don't care about or swimsuits.

For your next birthday, mix things up and do something different and fun with it instead of doing the same old thing. A rental company, like Highway 55 Rental & Sales, will have all sort of fun equipment you can play with for a day.