Tent And Table Rentals For Your Spring Cleaning Yard Sale

Spring is finally making its appearance in many areas across the country. With spring comes the overwhelming urge and need to begin cleaning the home inside and out. Spring cleaning oftentimes includes reducing the amount of clutter in the home. But, what do you do with all of those things you don't need anymore, but are still in good enough condition for someone else to use? You have a yard sale! Here, you will learn how to plan a successful yard sale and make a little money for all of your cleaning efforts.

Gathering Goods

As you clean your home, think about the last time the item you have in your hands has been used. If the item has been around through all four seasons and it has not been used for anything, then there is no reason to hold onto it any longer.

Even if it's broken, you may be able to get a couple of dollars for it! Many crafters scavenge yard sales looking for items that are cheap so they can repurpose things. Now, don't expect to get top dollar for a chair that is missing the back or a framed mirror with broken glass, but you may be able to get a dollar or two out of them and make some crafter very happy with what they have found.

Pick the Right Date

Do you have any housing communities in your area that hold a neighborhood yard sale each year? If so, you would do well to try to plan your yard sale for the very same day. You know that the big sales attract a lot of potential customers to the area, so you can increase the number of people that stop in at yours.

Rent a Tent and Tables

What are you going to do with all of the things you are taking out of your home for the yard sale? Do you have enough tables to organize the items and keep them dry if the weather should turn bad? Consider renting a tent from a place like Mountain View Tent Company with sides and tables for your yard sale. You can have the tent delivered and set up a few days before the yard sale and begin sorting your goods and be ready for the sale ahead of time. This will take the pressure off the day of the sale.

Note: Items of great value should be stored in your home until the morning of the sale in case someone tries to steal something from you overnight before the sale.


Instead of writing prices on each and every item you are selling, use stickers. For example: orange stickers can be used to mark items that are a dollar and green stickers can be used to mark items that are two dollars. You can usually find stickers at a great price at your local discount store. Create a pricing chart to hang on the posts of the tent so that people can easily see how much each item is going to cost.

Start planning today and talk with your local tent rental company about getting your tent and tables for the big sale.