Three Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

When imagining your perfect wedding, you may picture you and your spouse-to-be saying "I do" on a romantic tropical island or in a charming country barn, but there are several things to consider before turning your dream into reality.  The number one thing to take into consideration when planning your dream wedding is your budget, but there are several other things that can make or break a specific location or venue as well.

Getting Married in the Winter? Pick a Spot Not Negatively Affected By Snow

For those who live in a mild climate, worrying about the season and weather is not a necessity. But, you may be planning to get married in the winter while living in a cold climate. While snow may not happen on your wedding day, you should prepare for this possibility. This means you should find venues with qualities that keep snow from having a negative factor on the wedding. Snow Shoveled Paths