Types Of Paintball Propellants And Their Advantages

Paintball enthusiasts have two choices when it comes to tanks to propel paintballs toward their targets. You can either use compressed air, or HPA, tanks or you can use carbon dioxide, CO2, tanks. CO2 tanks were the first type of propellant tanks used for the sport and they were the only type used for many years. The Advantages of CO2 There are two types of CO2 tanks used for paintball, refillable CO2 tanks and 12 gram cartridges, used in paintball pistols.

Tips on Video Frame Rates

Video editing software at places like Watrous Video Productions is becoming more affordable more advanced. Best of all, it is becoming more accessible to casual users. You know longer need to be a professional cinematographer to make beautifully edited video productions. However, with the constant advancement in video production technologies, it can be hard to keep up. One important thing to consider is the frame rate you shoot and edit at. This article will explain video frame rates as they relate to in camera software settings.

Learn How To Throw A Sweet 16 Party That Doesn't Break Your Bank

Most teenage girls want to have a sweet 16 party to celebrate such a special birthday. Unfortunately, television and celebrities have made it very difficult for families to live up to the glitz and glamor that teens see on television. If you are planning a sweet 16 party (which for some, is one of the special events of life) for your teen, use the following guide to learn a few simple swaps you can make to get some of the glitz and glamor without having to spend thousands of dollars to do so.

Tent And Table Rentals For Your Spring Cleaning Yard Sale

Spring is finally making its appearance in many areas across the country. With spring comes the overwhelming urge and need to begin cleaning the home inside and out. Spring cleaning oftentimes includes reducing the amount of clutter in the home. But, what do you do with all of those things you don't need anymore, but are still in good enough condition for someone else to use? You have a yard sale!

4 Lighting Choices for Your next Corporate Event

Creative lighting can make a difference at your next corporate event. Lighting does not have to be limited to the plain lighting that is offered at your event. You can rely on a professional lighting company to help set the mood for your guests.  Chandeliers If your event if focused on luxury and elegance, chandeliers can help make a statement. You can opt for more traditional designs or think outside of the box.