3 Ways To Make Your Corporate Event More Fun

Corporate events often get a reputation for being dull and stuffy. However, your corporate event doesn't have to be dull or stuffy; your corporate event can be fun if you plan it correctly. By working with a corporate event entertainment service, you can help take your next corporate event from a dull event to something that is engaging and entertaining for everyone.

Idea #1: Add a Virtual Reality Station

Virtual reality, despite being around for decades, is still not that accessible. The cost of purchasing one's own virtual reality system is high, making it something most people have not done on their own.

Have some fun and rent a virtual reality station for your next event. Your virtual reality station could allow people to golf, fly, or explore outer space. A virtual reality station can be fun and can also be a great conversation starter and add some more energy to your event.

Idea #2: Hire a Caricaturist

Another way to add some fun to your event is by hiring a caricaturist. This is someone who is able to draw people and things on demand quickly. You can use a caricaturist in a few different ways. You could hire someone to create individual portraits of people at the event.

Or you could hire a caricaturist to put on a presentation, drawing on a table with the images projected on the wall. Once again, something like this will add some fun energy and draw the conversation away from business and allow people to really connect at your event.

Idea #3: Make the Food Interactive

Corporate events are known for stuffy food that is carried around by waiters. Make the food a fun part of your corporate event by setting up food and drink stations that are interactive. For example, you could have a taco bar where people can build their own tacos. Or you could have a live-fry station or omelet station, where food is made to order. Or you can set up an ice cream sundae station.

Including food that people have to think about and interact with can make your event seem less stuffy and, once again, allow people to connect as they talk about how they made their taco, or why they like gummy worms on their ice cream.

When you throw your next corporate event, try to add elements that make the event more fun and allow everyone to connect on a more personal level. Setting up a virtual reality station, hiring a caricaturist, and making the food interactive are just three ways to promote fun and connection at your next corporate event. Hire a corporate event entertainment service to help you take your event to the next level.