What Questions Should You Ask Before Booking A Live Wedding Band?

Do you need to book a live wedding band? Before you hire wedding entertainment, take a look at the questions you need to ask.

When Do You Perform Next?

While a mini demo in your home or at the reception venue provides a glimpse into the band's style, it isn't a full show. If a recording or sample show isn't enough, ask when (and where) you can see them perform live.

This doesn't mean you need to invite yourself to a stranger's wedding. Instead, ask the band about public performances or other live concerts they have scheduled in the upcoming weeks.

What Other Bands Do You Sound Like?

You want to know what style or type of music the band favors. But the answer to, "What style of music do you play?" may not give you the full picture. General genres, such as rock or oldies, may mean something different to the performers than it means to you.

Avoid confusion when it comes to musical styles. Specific examples or comparisons can help you to better understand the band and the type of music to expect.

Do You Have an Example Setlist?

Now that you know the genre the band plays and have an idea of their sound (based on comparisons with other performers), it's time to get down to the details. What songs does the band perform regularly?

Ask for the performers' regular wedding setlist. If you don't know the songs or your favorites aren't on the list, discuss the possibility of additions. These extra picks may include your first dance song, a sentimental selection, or a traditional religious option.

Do You Play Electric or Acoustic Instruments?

A loud electric band isn't always a necessity for every to-be-wed couple. A large evening event in a reception hall may require a loud sound. But you may need a small acoustic trio or a string quartet for an intimate afternoon affair.

What Attire Do You Perform In?

A black-tie event and a casually-dressed band don't mix. Make sure the band's appearance meets your standards and compliments the type of reception you've planned.

Do You Accept Guest Requests?

Your friends and family may have specific requests during the reception. If you expect requests, make sure the band can handle this option.

A live wedding band can totally transform your event. Avoid confusion, mismatches, and disappointment with a carefully prepared set of questions. From a pre-booking viewing experience to setlist examples, these questions can help you to make the best selection possible.

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