The Benefits And Drawbacks To Cloth Tension Display Booths

When it comes to Waveline display booths, there are a lot of options. Take cloth tension displays, for example. These unique displays are made of tensioning poles or rods and a screen-printed cloth display. There are certainly a lot of benefits to using this type of display, but there are also a few drawbacks, as you shall see. 

The Benefits

Vivid, Bright and Complex Displays

A cloth display is printed with any scene, any scenery, any iconic figures, cartoons, symbols, or characters, etc. All of them are vivid, brightly colored, and engaging to the eye and the visual mind. That is exactly what you want when you attend a trade show and you want to draw people into your booth. 

Easy to Set up, Take Down, and Transport

Well, it is mostly easy to set up. The tension created by the stretching fabric display and the poles or tension bars requires at least two people to set it up. It will pull the opposite side in the direction of the side that you are attempting to set up, so you will need an extra pair of hands to hold the opposite side until it is completely ready to go. When you take it down again, it will pop apart like a rubber band wrapped around a slingshot, except with a little less force. Transporting it only requires rolling up or folding up the cloth display and then bagging up the pieces of tension pole/rods. It should fit in the trunk of most standard-sized vehicles. 

The Drawbacks

You May Not Want to Use It Outside

Cloth displays for trade booths are very durable. They can get wet, and nothing will really happen to them. However, you probably would not want to use them outside on an exceedingly windy day. It is akin to setting up a large sail and waiting for the wind to catch it. If you refrain from doing a lot of outdoor trade shows, or you do not do trade shows on really windy days, then you should be fine. 

The Initial Investment May Be More Than Most Small Business Owners Want to Spend

If you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur trying to drum up business via trade shows, you are probably not going to like the initial investment for a cloth tension display. They are often more than most people are willing to spend when they first start out traveling to trade shows. However, if you look at it as a business expense to write off on your taxes, then it is worth it to have an amazing booth.