Tips For Saving Money On Your Wedding's Banquet Hall Catering

If you are renting a banquet hall for your upcoming wedding reception and are looking for ways to save on the catering, then these tips will help you do so:

Tip: Determine if You Are Required to Utilize In-House Catering or Not

Do you already have a wedding venue locked down? If so, does your banquet hall require you to use their in-house catering service or are you free to have whoever you want to cater your reception dinner? If you don't know the answer to these questions, then call up the venue you rented or want to rent and ask.

Often, you can save a lot of money by utilizing a catering service outside of the venue location. Venues who require renters to use their own catering service are free to charge whatever they choose while other caterers have more of an incentive to offer competitive prices.

Tip: Serve the Meal Either as a Buffet or Family-Style

Since having each guest served their own plate of food is the most expensive option for catering, it's always a good idea to serve your meal either as a buffet or family-style. Both options allow your guests to choose only the foods they will eat, and for this reason, you won't have to pay for as much food. These meal styles also reduce food waste and give your guests more personal selection, which many guests secretly prefer.

Tip: Serve Foods From Other Countries

If you are looking for a less expensive menu and are open to alternatives to typical American wedding foods, then consider options from other countries. For example, both Mexican food and Chinese food are enjoyed by most people and are often less expensive than a meal of steak or chicken. 

Tip: Compare the Prices and Options Between Banquet Catering Services and Local Restaurants

If you and your soon-to-be spouse love a local restaurant, then find out if they are willing to cater your wedding reception. Some restaurants will embrace the extra business while others simply won't cater. 

Once you have quotes from local restaurants you like, then compare the prices and options between them and the banquet catering service offerings available in your area. 

Finally, when making the final decision on the caterer for your wedding reception, consider price but also consider experience. If you choose a restaurant who doesn't regularly cater meals, then they won't be experienced in the same way a professional catering service will be. Contact a company like The Golden Terrace today to learn more.