Setting Your Yard Up For A Large Party

If you are planning a big party at your home then you may want to plan on having it outside, especially if you can't guarantee that you know everyone who is attending well. Allowing a bunch of people in your house will lead to a huge mess, possibly broken items, possibly stolen items and many other issues that you don't want to deal with. Keeping the party guests in your yard allows you to maintain better control of the situation. You can keep an eye on everyone and you can keep the mess to an area that's going to be so much easier for you to clean up the next day. When it comes to setting up for a backyard party, you want to consider following many of the tips provided here:

Rent a dumpster and some extra trash cans

One of the best ways for you to cut down on the amount of trash you have to pick up on your own after the party is to make it as easy as possible for your guests to throw their trash away. You want to rent a dumpster and set it somewhere out of the way then put plenty of trash cans around the borders or where people will be hanging out. They will hopefully throw their trash in the cans and you only have to dump the cans in the dumpster when you are cleaning up.

Rent a canopy to cover the party area

It's a very good idea to rent a canopy for your party. You can rent one that is large enough to cover the eating area, or you can rent several to cover the areas people will be using the most. A canopy will protect your guests from being sun burnt on a sunny day and they will make it so your party isn't an absolute disaster if it starts to rain.

Rent portable toilets

You can rent portable toilets and have them put in a corner of the yard, away from where the guests will be eating, dancing and visiting. This way, you won't have to worry about having a bunch of people wandering around your house looking for the bathroom. There is no way you can supervise everyone's bathroom trip, so this can help you prevent thefts and other issues in your house.

Rent tables and chairs

Instead of trying to use makeshift tables and dragging your tables outside you should just rent them. The company will deliver them in time for you to get everything set up and come pick them up when you are done with them. You can choose from many styles of tables and chairs so you end up with ones that help to make your party a smashing success. Make sure you choose a company that can help you match your tables to your chair rentals.