4 Things To Consider When Renting Wedding Chair Covers

If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, you may be planning to rent chair covers for your event. Here are a few things to consider when renting wedding chair covers: 


It is best to match the fabric color of the chair covers as closely as possible to the other colors in your wedding. Some brides and grooms opt for white chair covers. However, white can sometimes compete with the bride's wedding dress. This can cause the bride not to stand out as much as she would against a colored background.

Instead of pure white, consider ivory if you would like a pale neutral color. If you have already decided that your chair covers will be the same color as that of your wedding theme, bring along a swatch of the desired color to the party rental supply store when selecting the covers. If the actual color is not available at the store, you can pair ivory or black covers with a fabric sash that matches your color scheme.

How do you the samples look?

Instead of only making your selection by perusing through pictures of available chair covers, it is best to see an actual sample of the cover. It will give you a true idea of how the material will fall. In addition, the thickness of the material and its comfort against your skin can be surveyed. Also, in some cases, the lighting in a picture can alter the appearance of colors. In order to be sure of the color and type of chair cover that you are ordering, it is recommended that a sample be reviewed. 

Discuss delivery.

It can be helpful to have your wedding equipment set up the day before the wedding, so there are not problems with delays. When you are renting your wedding chair covers, ask specific questions concerning the delivery. If the party rental supply store is able to give you an exact timeframe for the delivery, this can help you plan the setup of your other equipment. In addition, you will need to know whether or not delivery includes placing the chair covers.


Some party rental stores may offer discounts if a large number of chair covers are rented. Ask the store representative about quantity discounts, especially if your wedding will be a large event. In addition, as you are making out your budget, consider whether or not the same chairs and chair covers will be used during your reception. If not, you may have to double your order.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, chair covers can help make the event look polished and well planned. To see what types and colors of chair covers are available in your area, contact a local party rental supply store.