How To Plan A Christian Couples Retreat

Is your church congregation planning a couples retreat? If you the head of a committee that will be planning the activities, here are some suggestions that might inspire you to plan something meaningful and memorable. As you make your plans, think of focusing on a combination of events that will bring both fun and spirituality to the lives of the couples that will be attending the conference.

Workshops - Consider dividing those who attend the conference into smaller groups for some great learning experiences. 

  • Think of inviting a couple to head each workshop. Some couples that you may consider to lead the class would be older ones who have already had successful marriages.
  • Another idea is to have just one person to lead a discussion group on topics such as Couples From The Bible and How To Emulate Christ In Your Marriage Relationship.
  • Think of having a class especially for the wives and another one for the husbands. A topic to consider for the ladies would be Women In The Bible or How To Be Both A Mary And A Martha. The men's workshop's might focus on how to lead a family in a Christlike manner.
  • Consider another workshop where each individual group works on the solution of a problem. Some questions could focus on how to resolve difficulties in your marriage or on how to plan for time together away from the kids. After an allotted amount of time, each group would give a report to the rest of the participants.

The Main Event - Consider having at least one session for the entire group.

  • Think about inviting a professional Christian guest speaker to address you at a place like 4H Council . Consider topics like How Being Servants of Christ Enhances Your Marriage or Charting Your Life With The Scriptures To Lead You. Also
  • Another idea is to ask the speaker to provide topics he has presented before. Together you can select one that you feel will best serve your participants.
  • A professional guest speaker will probably charge a fee, so find that out at the beginning of your conversation. If you feel that your group cannot pay that amount, consider asking your minister or another respected member of your congregation to address the group.
  • Consider adding music to your main event. Hymns sung together, solos, choirs, or any other presentation of music will probably add a special touch to your couples retreat.

Think about ending your retreat with a dinner dance, a hay ride, a barbecue, or any other fun activity where all of you can fellowship and share highlights of the time you spent together. Have a wonderful time at your retreat!