4 Lighting Choices for Your next Corporate Event

Creative lighting can make a difference at your next corporate event. Lighting does not have to be limited to the plain lighting that is offered at your event. You can rely on a professional lighting company to help set the mood for your guests. 


If your event if focused on luxury and elegance, chandeliers can help make a statement. You can opt for more traditional designs or think outside of the box. For instance, if your event is being held in a more rustic setting, you can use chandeliers that are made of whiskey barrels to set the ambience. 


If you are operating on a limited budget and your venue is very plain, you can spruce up its appearance with uplights. Since you cannot paint the walls or hang your own paintings, you can use the lights to create the atmosphere you want. 

The lights are set up near the baseboards in the room and pointed up the wall. The light you choose can help mask the dullness of the walls. You can instantly turn a room pink, green, yellow, or any other color that you desire. You can even opt for lights with decorative touches, such as lettering and symbols. 

Pin Lights

When you want to highlight certain details at your venue, pin lights are perfect. For instance, if you have different floral touches throughout the room, a pin light placed in front of each will help to illuminate them and make them stand out. 

Pin lights are small and convenient enough that they can be placed on tables to illuminate items, such as a cake or small statue. 

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns tend to be a more inexpensive option for lighting a venue. The lanterns are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. They are great for adding a festive touch to your event. 

Even if you are looking for a more elegant and polished look, paper lanterns will work. Decorative touches, such as trimming them in silver or gold, can help them stand out without appearing to be out of place. 

By working with a professional corporate event lighting service, you can ensure that your event will be something that your guests will talk about for years to come.  The best thing is that even with a limited budget, you can ensure that your venue is nicely lit and in keeping with your overall theme.